Features Overview


Track Your Lifecycle

Inventory Now is intended to help resellers track their products through the lifecycle of Bought -> Received -> Sold -> Shipped -> Delivered.

Simply add a new item and then tell us when you buy and sell new inventory and tell us when you receive or ship items and when they get delivered.

Use of the received, shipped and delivered Status are optional. Turn them off at any time.

If you prefer to check out and check in items, you may configure the app to use a check out / check in lifecycle instead of bought and sold.

Barcode Scanner Support

Add a UPC code and a SKU to each of your items.

You can add a product by scanning its barcode with the built in camera and the app will attempt to look up info on the item and if one is found the item information will be automatically populated.

Scan your item again and it’ll pull the item right up for you.

Generate unique UPCs and SKUs in app with the push of a button and export them to Dropbox or your camera roll for easy printing.

Add per piece barcodes in the notes field.

If you’d like to use a hardware scanner, native support is provided for the Linea Pro line of hardware barcode scanners. For all other devices, just tap into the search bar and scan with your hardware scanner and the app will treat the barcode just like it came from the camera.



Details That Matter

Add a category, subcategory, location and date. Use a freeform notes field to store anything else.

Rename the category and subcategory fields to whatever you prefer to call them.

Unit buy and sell costs are used to help auto calculate your total costs when buying and selling items.

Item Grouping

Items can be linked together and form a group of similar items. You can view summaries for an item group and move available stock from one item to another.

This allows you to create an item with different categories, like a “Vintage Jar Jar Binks Tee” in both Red, Yellow and Green. Of size Medium and Large. In your storefront and in your warehouse. And you can move them from your warehouse to the storefront with a simple drag and drop.



Add to Cart and Check Out

When selling items, select ‘Add to cart’ and continue to add items to the order. When you’re all done with go to your shopping cart and check out.

You can check out with Paypal Here or Square Point of Sale to collect payments from your customers in person.

When selling with a shopping cart, you can add taxes, fees or discounts.

Enable Register Mode on your device to temporarily make your device function more like a point of sale, hiding things like your item costs and making it quicker to sell your items.

Order Tracking

Orders allow you to track individual sales or purchase orders.

Orders are created automatically as you buy and sell items. You can edit them to add customer or shipping information and mark the order complete to automatically mark items from your order as shipped or received.



Multi User Sync

Create an account to keep your data synced across multiple devices used by multiple people.

Add sub-users to your account and assign them specific access permissions, such the ability manage your data without seeing item costs, or view only users or even register mode only users.

Import and Export

Items can be batch imported by following a simple CSV import template, and they can be exported to edit on a computer and re-import. Or you can use the export file to compile your own custom reports.

Several other export options exist, including:
- A user friendly PDF export
- A CSV of your Order History with optional filters applied
- A CSV of your Inventory Summary Report with optional filters
- Batch exporting of your item images to dropbox (and batch importing)
- Exporting of item SKUs and barcodes to dropbox and your camera roll.



Reconcile Your Data

Generate a reconcile template file from the app and export it to your computer with Dropbox. Edit that item with the stock you take of your actual physical inventory and reimport it into the app. We’ll adjust all of your counts, adding losses for any discrepancies and generate a reconcilation report file.

Summary View

With a single tap view a super simple high level report of your inventory. See your current inventory price and value. See how much profit you made and your margins. The orders summary section tallies the totals from all of your orders. Filter your summary to view reports for specific items, categories, users, dates and more.


run everywhere.png

Access Anywhere

A universal app looks great on both your iPhone and iPad and data syncs seamlessly between devices.

Access your data with our web app via any web browser for users on android devices or desktop computers.